What’s The Difference Between A Wedding Planner And Wedding Designer?

So, your big day is getting really close and you’re stilling need some type of professional assistance in the interim of planning and design.  We provide both of these services and would like to provide you with some insight. It’s very important to know that difference, so that you won’t end up allocating funds towards a one when you really needed the other.

Here are 10 differences between a wedding planner and a wedding designer:



  1. Schedules and attends vendor meetings with you.
  2. Negotiates and help you determine which vendors and services to select that will accommodate your budget.
  3. Orchestrates the entire wedding day process from the rehearsal until the newlyweds have been sent off after the reception.
  4. Provides timeline detailing every action that needs to be taken from the day that they’re hired to your wedding day.
  5. Relieves wedding stress by handling the big and small details to ensure that nothing is missing on one of the biggest days of your life.



  1. Assist you with styling and design concepts
  2. Creates floor plans and layouts
  3. Brings various vendors together, who will as a team, design a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception that will bring your vision to life.
  4. Seeing to it that everything from your event lights, to your candle votives, to your place cards are in place.
  5. Managing your décor budgeting.




Save The Dates serve as a reminder of your wedding date long before the invitations arrive. They are typically sent our around 8 months before the wedding. The benefit of a save the date is to give your guests time to block their hotel rooms, arrange for a baby sister, handle their travel arrangements, take time off at work, in advance. Here are some nice examples!

Awesome Cake!

We have to share this amazing cake with you from SATC2! It’s a Swarovski-Adorned Cake!

This beautiful cake has about 4,100 Swarovski crystals! It took 50 hours and a staff of 9 members to create it. It retails for $32,000! Is this meant to be eaten? BEAUTIFUL!

Dare To Be Different…



When planning your wedding, you shouldn’t be afraid to personalize it to fit you and your mates style. You want your wedding to give off who you are together and most of all create memories that will last forever.

Planner’s Perspective: 5 Things To Remember On Your Wedding Day


So your wedding day is approaching and your emotions are in overdrive. You don’t have a planner, so you’re not sure if you’re forgetting anything. Here are 5 things that you should remember as you get closer to your wedding!

1. Setup

You want to remember that even though the venue provides a wedding coordinator, they are limited to what they do for you. Most of your planning has been done with family and friends. Remember that your family and friends will most likely be getting prepared for your wedding so make sure that you have a plan of how your decorations will be set out, how your candles will get lit before the ceremony, etc.

2. Photography

Make sure to space your photography hours out to where you won’t run out of hours. Alot of brides don’t realize that 6 hours isn’t much time when you want your photographer to stay around to take pictures at the end of your celebration.

3. Even if you don’t have a planner, you should still have a small emergency kit just in case something tears, spills, or is missing.

4. Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour might be more that just one hour. Make sure you have entertainment during this time so that your guest won’t have to sit, wait, and get bored. A lot of couples only hire the DJ for the reception, but don’t include the hour/hour and a half for cocktail hour.

5. Favors

I’ve heard so many stories of having hundreds of favors left over because someone forgot to pass them out. Make sure you’ve delegated this task to someone or make your favors visible so that even the guest who leave early can take a souvenir with them. By this time the venue coordinator will be gone for the night. You don’t want your favors to go to waste.