What’s The Difference Between A Wedding Planner And Wedding Designer?

So, your big day is getting really close and you’re stilling need some type of professional assistance in the interim of planning and design.  We provide both of these services and would like to provide you with some insight. It’s very important to know that difference, so that you won’t end up allocating funds towards a one when you really needed the other.

Here are 10 differences between a wedding planner and a wedding designer:



  1. Schedules and attends vendor meetings with you.
  2. Negotiates and help you determine which vendors and services to select that will accommodate your budget.
  3. Orchestrates the entire wedding day process from the rehearsal until the newlyweds have been sent off after the reception.
  4. Provides timeline detailing every action that needs to be taken from the day that they’re hired to your wedding day.
  5. Relieves wedding stress by handling the big and small details to ensure that nothing is missing on one of the biggest days of your life.



  1. Assist you with styling and design concepts
  2. Creates floor plans and layouts
  3. Brings various vendors together, who will as a team, design a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception that will bring your vision to life.
  4. Seeing to it that everything from your event lights, to your candle votives, to your place cards are in place.
  5. Managing your décor budgeting.



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